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History[edit | edit source]

Arkships are vessels used to transport hundreds of thousands of colonists from Earth through the universe for millennia. They are the result of the Rebirth Program, an organization formed with the sole goal of finding a way to save humanity from the destruction of Earth. (See storyline) All new players begin their game in Dual Universe by spawning at the Arkship.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Arkships are made out of kyrium, an ultra-strong, super-resistant material capable of withstanding extreme accelerations for both the ship and its passengers. The Arkships were designed to literally crash into the surface of a planet, becoming an impressive 10km tall high tower lurking over the landscape. Digging deep for geothermic energy harvesting, and standing high in the skies, the Arkships are meant to be the universal beacon of the new human civilization.

As the ship designers expected, the nascent world would need supervision and defense regulation, at least around the Arkship, to be able to rapidly bootstrap a self-secured civilization. As a consequence, there is no aggression possible in a perimeter of 20km around the Arkship. Additionally, an artificial intelligence named Aphelia watches over those within this safe zone.

The Arkship is self-powered and impossible to destroy. Thus, the safe area is impossible to deactivate. It is possible that there are other Arkships out in the universe, awaiting activation. These new Arkships have the potential to be new spawn points for new players. Additonally, the AI-shield technology that the Arkship uses is documented in the blueprints available for download, and with the right skills it can be rebuilt. Thus, it is possible that new areas akin to those found around Arkships could be created elsewhere in the universe.

Known Arkships[edit | edit source]

Pre-alpha closeup image of the Arkship on Alioth
The only Arkship currently known to exist is the one which crashed into Alioth. However, many Arkships were launched into the universe during Earths final years, and so it is highly likely that there are other Arkships still waiting to be found.