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In Dual Universe, each time a player wants to produce a construct it must first be built manually. A blueprint can then be generated from this construct, allowing it to be mass produced and even sold, should the owner choose. Blueprints can be used in combination with specific industrial units to quickly produce constructs that could otherwise take large amounts of time to produce manually. A blueprint master can be used an unlimited number of times, and blueprint copies can be created from them which only have a limited number of uses.

Blueprint Master[edit | edit source]

Master Blueprints will be saved to the players local PC. This will allow the original builder to always have a copy of the blueprint. A Blueprint Master enables a Player to produce a Construct an unlimited number of times (assuming they have the necessary Materials and Elements). Master blueprints will also likely be the only thing to carry over from Alpha, to Beta, to the official release. A Blueprint Master can't be used to generate an unlimited number of Blueprint Copies.

Blueprint Copy[edit | edit source]

Blueprint Copies is an in game item which is generated from a Blueprint Master. It allows a player to duplicate the construct from which the blueprint was created a limited number of times, a number which is specified by the creator of the master blueprint. This allows for selling of the rights to produce the item to another player.