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A space station is a construct

In Dual Universe, a Construct is a set of Building Blocks assembled within a Building Zone. A Construct can be static (example: an Outpost) or mobile (example: a Ship). A construct is an arrangement of voxels and components which work together to form whatever the player wants to create. Dual Universe does not have specific guidelines that say "this is a ship", or "this is a building". Rather, a set of voxels which have a Core Unit, engine, and cockpit attached to them will have the ability to fly like a ship, and this is considered a construct.

Core Unit[edit | edit source]

Every construct requires a Core Unit to operate. A Core Unit defines a construct; upon placing a core, a new construct is born and the player can build off of that to create the construct they desire, within the building zone of the Core Unit. There are varying sizes each of both static and dynamic core units.