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Static and Dynamic Core Units
Sketch of a redesigned Core Unit

Core Units define ownership and administration in a construct. [1] The Core Unit is what makes a construct identifiable, providing it with information regarding its origins, as well as its status as a construct and not just normal voxels. The Core Unit is also an element from which a blueprint can be made of the unit's corresponding construct. Ownership rights of the construct are also managed from the Core Unit.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

When placed, a core unit automatically creates a building zone around itself. The size of this zone is determined by the size of the Core Unit; larger constructs require larger and more expensive units. The size of construct within the building zone is limited only by the players ability to gather the resources needed to build the construct. There will be very large Core Units available later in game, and the ability to assemble several constructs into one by "anchoring” them.

Additionally, constructs can be either static (from a Static Core Unit) or dynamic (from a Dynamic Core Unit). Only dynamic constructs can move, so Dynamic Core Units will be utilized for spaceships. Static Core Units have several advantages that will make them necessary, such as the potential to host protection bubbles similar to the safe zone around the Arkship. There is a chance that at some point, it will be possible to "anchor" a dynamic construct to give it the benefits of a static construct, but this has not yet been decided upon. [2]