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Emergent gameplay is one of the key aspects of Dual Universe. Emergent gameplay is when certain mechanics of a game have characteristics which are able to interact with one another to create unique and non-scripted events. Many aspects of the game, including but not limited to exploration, mining, and ship building, are all mechanics of Dual Universe which, when combined together, allow for players of the game to have experiences that go beyond the abilities of normal programming, where the gameplay, events, and interactions are determined by the players.

How it Works[edit | edit source]

Here is a small example of how emergent gameplay might work in Dual Universe: A player wishes to obtain rare resources from an uninhabited system. He goes and uses his superior mining abilities to extract the resources. Once doing so, he is attacked by pirates. The pirates disable his ship and take the resources.

This scenario arose because of several particular aspects:

- Resources have the ability to be mined, and they have value.

- Ship constructs can be damaged by weapons.

- Player skills allow for optimization of abilities; one may be better at mining, another may be better at combat.

These game aspects are all unrelated. You do not need weapons for mining. You do not need mining in a game to have weapons. You do not need a skill optimization mechanic to have combat or mining. These facets do not need each other and are not required for one another. However, they are all present, and they all have the ability to work together and bounce off of one another to create a deep, immersive, and emergent gaming experience. This is something that Dual Universe is based around.