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Dual Universe is a shared world sandbox MMO. Players can get together is explore each others worlds while building and crafting. Not much new is available at the moment but there will be updates here when content is available.

Shape The Universe, Leave Your Mark[edit | edit source]

The Dual Universe is a gigantic multi-planet world where players are free to invent their collective destiny: civilizations will rise and fall, player-driven events will shape the course of History, because everything you do matters in a persistent single-shard universe. We are pushing the limits of what is technically possible today to open the door to what we believe is the next generation of MMO games. Welcome to Dual Universe!

Where did the idea of the game come from?[edit | edit source]

The original concept started about 7 years ago. But at the time, the technology was not ready. The idea is actually a very old gamer's dream: to immerse yourself into a virtual world where you are free to do anything you like, build anything you want, become anyone you fancy. We believe that the time has come to make this dream come true.

Are you going to support Oculus Rift?[edit | edit source]

Yes. That's one of the main reason why we decided to go for the "First Person" view. More generally, we are looking at all new technologies that can favor immersion. Exciting things are on the way with the recent increase of interest in virtual worlds.

So there will be only “First Person” view available in Dual Universe?[edit | edit source]

By default, it will be the "First Person" view, yes. We are looking for maximal immersion, and to exploit the benefits of VR devices, this is absolutely necessary to have a “First Person” view mode. This is also really important when you start digging in underground environment, piloting a ship or using a weapon turret. However, we are aware that many MMO players like (or even prefer) "Third Person" view. We also consider this view mode as very important too, and we will seriously think about adding it as an option if the development timeline allows it.

When will the game be available?[edit | edit source]

We are targeting a (playable) alpha release in the first half of 2017. We should need one more year to reach the beta stage and constantly improve from there until we get to the official release. We will then regularly update the game with new free extensions, to offer more possibilities to players and create new gaming opportunities.

Is the game going to be free to play?[edit | edit source]

Free-to-play is a great model for certain types of games. Not all of them. We are currently looking at all options. One of the ideas we like is the notion of game time coupons. You can buy these coupons from the game company to extend your game time (more or less like a monthly subscription) or trade them for the in-game currency. Veteran players able to gather enough in-game money to buy those coupons will indeed play for free, while beginners get a head start. It’s another way to look at "Free to play" models: it’s free as soon as you are veteran enough to earn it.

Which platforms are you aiming for?[edit | edit source]

Using Unreal Engine 4 allows us to be fairly flexible regarding the target platforms. However, we will primarily focus on Windows/Mac at the beginning, and maybe Linux.

Will you develop Apps for the game? Will you allow players to make their own Apps?[edit | edit source]

We know that apps on other media like mobile phones or tablets are really popular, for some aspects of the gameplay. We haven't decided yet what we will do on this subject, as it is still quite far in the future. First, we need to release the game but we will keep in mind accessibility for potential Apps.

Who are you?[edit | edit source]

Novaquark is the company developping Dual Universe. It's a small indie studio, with ten passionate people devoted to bring this crazy game to life! The team is experienced and the founder has already created other companies, like Gostai which is a company specialized in Robotics, and has now joined the Aldebaran Robotics group.

Will there be free PvP everywhere? Not all players want to be permanently in PvP situations...[edit | edit source]

We have been thinking about this for a long time. While player freedom is at the very heart of our game design, we have found several solid reasons to implement at least one secure area in the game.

Have you planned a "Newbie Protection"?[edit | edit source]

Yes. With the secure area, new players will be able to make their first steps without trouble. It's never fun to be attacked by experienced players when you are just discovering the gameplay. Especially with the fact that PvP will most likely start right away after the game release.

What about those who like to produce and trade, but have no interest in PvP?[edit | edit source]

A player-driven economy needs time and space to flourish. By observing player-driven economy in other games, we have realized that a majority of players impacting on the economy don't want to be bothered when they are collecting basic resources or producing gear or ships (even those related to PvP Combat). This is just two different gameplays, two "state of mind" types that must coexist in a same world (or universe) to find some balance. If you want unending PvP, let the industrialists produce in peace to provide you abundantly in warfare gear. However, as the in-game economy will grow, it will become quickly obvious that the most interesting trades will be those in non-secure areas. This is the famous “Risk vs Reward” concept.

There are also people who want to build things, beautiful buildings and ships, without being interrupted by sudden PvP action? Will they have a safe place too?[edit | edit source]

We are perfectly aware that players designing new ships and/or a new buildings don’t want to beshot by another player in the middle of their work. Again, if you are among those who want to fight everywhere with anybody, keep in mind that being provided in ships with a nice fuselage or having stylish fortified outposts/cities to attack or defend implies having a secure area somewhere to design all these things.

Okay. Then where will be this secure area?[edit | edit source]

Most probably around the Arkship. We are thinking about a large enough area to give space for the three types of player mentioned above: Newbies, Traders, Industrialists, Artists, Builders, and Engineers.

But shall we be able to build, design and produce outside this secure area?[edit | edit source]

Of course! It will often be far more profitable to develop a market or a factory in a risky area: in remote places, players won't come back to the Arkship area each time they want to buy something if they can buy it locally, even at a price a bit higher. But beware of pirates who like pillaging isolated outposts!

What about players having a bad behavior?[edit | edit source]

"Bad behavior" doesn't have the same meaning in Sandbox games and in non-Sandbox games.To preserve the "Sandbox" spirit, a fairly large freedom in behavior will be allowed, as long as it sticks to the game.

Will you punish scams?[edit | edit source]

In-game scams are considered a part of the harsh life in a new world as much as space pirates existence, as long as it doesn't involve real life money (so only in game currency), and as long as it doesn't use a bug exploit. In other words, this will be up to the player to be cautious to whom he/she gives his/her trust. When you start the game, do not trust anyone! Take your time to know other players before giving your trust to some of them (we are also going to build an in-game reputation system). Another way to dramatically reduce the chance of scamming: start the game with friends you already know in real life!

What do you plan to do about "Trash talk"?[edit | edit source]

"Trash talk" is allowed as long as it stays in game and "in character" (meaning: as long as it's roleplayed). This might seem a bit unfitting for children or young teenagers playing the game, but here's our position: a real sandbox, by his very nature and the player freedom it implies, is only a fitting game for young (or less young) adults.However, there will be some limits: no public humiliation targeting a specific player, no real life harassment, no real life insults or aggression will be tolerated. We want to give more freedom, without legitimate real life bad behavior.

Will there be an "early access"? During the Alpha or the Closed Beta phase?[edit | edit source]

There will probably be an early access, accessible for founder and supporter members. We are aware that some players don't like this idea as it is seen like "selling an unfinished game". However, we want to be clear on this: founder and supporter members will have many rewards and goodies for supporting us, but the "early access" is NOT considered as a part of "what you've paid for". For us, an early access is not a gift but a help request. At this stage we will really need the presence of players wanting to help improving the game. For those who just want to try the game, we can totally understand that, but it will be way too soon for many reasons.

If it's not part of the founder/supporter pack, why giving access to founder and supporter members only then?[edit | edit source]

For a very simple reason: By supporting our project, founder/supporter members have already proven they want to help the game, and not just try it before everyone else.

Okay, but there are also players wanting to help the game without having the money to support it. What about them?[edit | edit source]

We also are perfectly aware of that. But it's extremely difficult (and very time consuming) to differentiate players who just want to try the game and those who really want to help improving the game with detailed feedback. In the future, we might find a way to give early access to the most dedicated players of the community who are not already founder/supporter members, if time allows it. But we can't promise that at the moment.