Interstellar Travel

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There are two methods of interstellar travel, both with their own technology and skills associated with them.

Standard FTL Travel[edit | edit source]

There will be some form of "faster than light" (FTL) travel. This method will be based around an engine that requires fuel. Although it is quite fast, FTL travel will be the slower method of traveling between stars, possibly requiring large amounts of time, and will be primarily used when traveling to unexplored star systems.

Stargates[edit | edit source]

The faster method of travel between star systems is the use of Stargates. Stargates will allow near instantaneous travel between developed star systems. Building Stargates won't be mandatory to go to another solar system, but it will be much faster and nearly instantaneous. In order for Stargates to work, two massive and extremely expensive gates will have to built and then "connected". Once both are completed, a construct can fly through one of the gates and exit the other. Any two points in space can be connected, though idealy both gates will be in different systems.

Because of how Dual Universe is structured, the game experience for a player present from day 1 might be very different from the game experience of a player joining several months after the game has launched, and both may be very different from the experience of a player entering the game a year after launch. In the early days of the game, building a construct capable of flying to a moon of the starting planet Alioth will be a significant achievement. However, later on after release ships may be available immediately for purchase to new players, whereby they may have hundreds of Stargates, each to a different system, to choose from.