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Pre-alpha mining

Mining is the process of extracting resources from a planetary body, whether it be a planet, moon, or asteroid. Mining is the origin of all obtained resources in Dual Universe. Currently, it can only be done via the nanoformer, which is a tool available in the suit of every character. Thus, mining is essentially limited to manual labor, in that all mining must be done by hand using the players nanoformer, and cannot be automated. This decision is intended for balance; with extra tools, automated drilling could quickly kill the mining aspect of the game and make things difficult for players joining later in the games life. However, at a later time after the full game release, it is possible that other methods of mining will be introduced, such as specialized hand tools or even special elements.

Mining is intended to come after scanning, once a desired resource is located. The amount of time it takes to mine a specific volume depends the type of resource and the mining skill level of the player. Technically, every voxel in the game can be considered a material, so mining even the basic rock of an asteroid is still considered mining, and follows the same parameters and rules as every resource.

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DevBlog: Scanning & Mining