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Pirates are Players who focus on PvP, and survive by stealing from others. Pirates will probably be one of the most hated players, and should be prepared for hunting parties coming for their hideouts to stop the raids in their own territory.

Pirate Assets range from makeshift ships to fully armored Battlecarriers. In the end, a successful pirate design shares one common theme: if it's in danger, it can flee.

Pirate Prey varies largely depending on the Pirate Group in question; a small, weak Group would prey on rouge miners and scavengers, picking off the weak. By doing this, they gather resources and build up their strength, allowing them to tackle larger prey, continuing the cycle until pirates have the region in their iron grip.

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In time, this section will be amended to include the in-game skills associated with piracy. It may also be combined with the other activities into a single page.