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Dual Universe contains many planets within its universe that the player can visit. They are procedurally generated, and as such their surfaces are generated randomly within predefined constraints. Planets are contained within solar systems, where several may be found within a small area.

Properties[edit | edit source]

The size of planets in Dual Universe, as well as the distances between them, is smaller than in real life. This is for gameplay purposes, in order to make travelling across worlds and solar systems more enjoyable for a general audience. A planet may have one or more moons in orbit around it.

Currently, each planet is dominated by a single environment. Some planets may contain different resources than others, forcing players to explore multiple planets in order to gather all of the materials that are required throughout the game. These resources may be found on or below the surface.

Planets are made out of voxels, down to a certain point below their surface. These voxels are completely editable by players; they can be collected and deployed using a nanoformer, or built on with other voxels from an external source.

Currently, planets do not rotate on their axis. It has been disclosed by the developer that this feature will be added given that the technical limitations do not severely impede its implementation.