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In Dual Universe the way a Player plays the game is influenced by the player and the features available to him or her.

A Player can be virtually anything, be it a Explorer, Builder, Pirate, Faction Leader, Spy, or anything else imaginable. The main focus of Dual Universe is player-driven emergent gameplay, and thus the game works much like the real world. There are countless planets, moons, and asteroids to explore, each with their own set of resources. There are ships and bases to build, with ways to optimize them for combat or maneuverability or volume. There are methods with which to build a safe and controlled environment for players to live and interact, encouraging governments and organizations. Players have the options to increase their skills and abilities in virtually any area of the game, allowing them to trade their skills for money, resources, or the skills of others.

Player activities can include any number of any of those mentioned, and more. They are designed so that they, along with a diversity of players, can combine to create an emergent gameplay experience, where anything can happen and no event is scripted.