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In Dual Universe the way a Player plays the game is influenced by the player and the features available to him or her.

A Player can be virtually anything, be it a Explorer, Builder, Pirate, Faction Leader, Spy, or anything else imaginable. The main focus of Dual Universe is player-driven emergent gameplay, and thus the game works much like the real world. There are countless planets, moons, and asteroids to explore, each with their own set of resources. There are ships and bases to build, with ways to optimize them for combat or maneuverability or volume. There are methods with which to build a safe and controlled environment for players to live and interact, encouraging governments and organizations. Players have the options to increase their skills and abilities in virtually any area of the game, allowing them to trade their skills for money, resources, or the skills of others.

Player activities can include any number of any of those mentioned, and more. They are designed so that they, along with a diversity of players, can combine to create an emergent gameplay experience, where anything can happen and no event is scripted.


In Dual Universe, a builder is someone who creates constructs using voxels. They spend a lot of their time in the game using materials to create different vehicles or buildings or other structures. Building is a time consuming and resource demanding activity, but it is extremely necessary as without building, there would obviously be no ships with which to explore or run the universe!

Builder Guide


Explorers are the pioneers of Dual Universe; exploration is one of the most alluring activities to players. There is an entire universe to explore, filled with countless worlds and other unknowns waiting to be discovered. Some rare resources are found only on certain worlds, and thus exploration may yield very high returns to those with the abilities to make the discoveries.

Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Scanning


In Dual Universe, gatherers collect resources by various means, which fuel all other activities; nothing can be built without first gathering the materials required to build it. Mining is the main facet of gathering, which is done by hand using the players nanoformer in order to extract resources.

It has been disclosed by the developer that farming and more fauna will make its way into the game with a later expansion. When this happens depends on the community's desire for it.

Mining, Scanning, Resources


Industrialists are manufacturers. They create constructs from blueprints, refine resources into materials, and fabricate them into items. Essentially, industrialists take things and refine them to make them more usable for others.

3D Printing, Materials


Leaders are those in charge of factions or organizations, which attempt to lead groups of players towards various goals through different activities. Teamwork will be an important part of Dual Universe, given that many significant parts of the game will take large amounts of time and resources, including skill training. Thus, players that band together will be more successful, and those who have a leader will be even better off.


Mercenaries are hired guns; their loyalty is bought, not earned. Mercenaries do whatever job their employer needs them to do, which usually involves conflict with other players. The enticement of mercenary work is the adventure and never-look-back lifestyle that they live, where commitment to a particular cause or organization is never permanent.

Weapons, Economy


The military lifestyle in Dual Universe involves a commitment to a particular cause or organization. Players who are members of a military will protect the interests and assets of their association at all costs, fighting with all kinds of combative technology in order to eliminate their enemies.



Pirates are Players who focus on PvP, and survive by stealing from others. Pirates will probably be one of the most hated players, and should be prepared for hunting parties coming for their hideouts to stop the raids in their own territory.

Pirate Assets range from makeshift ships to fully armored Battlecarriers. In the end, a successful pirate design shares one common theme: if it's in danger, it can flee.

Pirate Prey varies largely depending on the Pirate Group in question; a small, weak Group would prey on rouge miners and scavengers, picking off the weak. By doing this, they gather resources and build up their strength, allowing them to tackle larger prey, continuing the cycle until pirates have the region in their iron grip.

Weapons, Economy


Spies infiltrate and deceive. They attempt to steal the secrets and inner workings of organizations for the gain of themselves, or their own association. The secrets of large conglomerates may be very valuable, and spies seek to steal this valuable information using deception in order to harm or even destroy them.



Traders are the merchants of the universe. They may travel around or stay put, but they are always looking for good business opportunities. The commodities they trade may be anything; resources, materials, items, or even skills, trading their skills for the goods of others.