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This page serves as a consolidated archive for Kickstarter comments posted by Novaquark to be used as a reference for other pages and for the general public.  Kickstarter-related comments (such as one related to pledge levels) comments in French, and other comments unrelated to the game universe as a whole are excluded.

Date #1 Category Comment
Sep 7 2016 4 DACs @André Konietzny: The DACs are tradable in-game tokens, not the monthly subscription fee. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Eve Online have equivalent items around 20€/20$ (depending the country). A monthly subscription will be significantly lower, and even cheaper if several months are paid in a row.
Sep 7 2016 5 DACs @Abel S.R: - Answered below about the DACs. - Budget: We are not starting from scratch as we have already a solid technical basis. Moreover, the starting goal represents basic gameplay features for the game to have a minimal viable product. But to have the chance of implementing all the most advanced features, we will have to go through stretch goals. - Release date: It's an estimation for developing the basic gameplay features. advanced gameplay features might be released after. All depends of the amount we will be able to raise.
Sep 7 2016 6 OS @Lynge Hartmann Hansen: Thanks for the support! We will try to make it compatible for Linux (but we can't promise anything on this topic yet). Development for Mac isn't planned at the moment.
Sep 7 2016 11 DACs @Kaladon: We are not sure to understand what you mean. You don't have to pay for the game itself. Only the monthly subcription (or use of DACs), and as DACs will be tradable or even possible to give to a friend, we don't see really what would be the gain of making 3 different accounts to back our project.
Sep 7 2016 12 Dates @MasteredRed: Thanks a lot for your support! :D @Vahron: Thanks! Our current estimations are Alpha early 2017 and Beta early 2018.
Sep 7 2016 17 VR @Joseph J Lazar: We are considering VR, but not as one of the first stretch goals.
Sep 7 2016 19 Alpha ( @Novaquark Will we have permission to Stream and Youtube the Alpha and Beta?) It will be definitely possible in Beta. Alpha, this is still under discussion but if there is a NDA in Alpha we will try to make it as short as possible. Alpha will most likely be divided in several phases.

Sep 7 2016 20 Aliens @FSM: A few Alien creatures yes. No Alien civilized race though. At least not for now... ;)
Sep 7 2016 26 Physics @Daniel Rusznyak: we plan to implement gameplay parameters (such as weight and thrust power) so that huge, unrefined constructs will have a hard time to be the most efficient.
Sep 7 2016 27 OS @Łukasz Hajnc: The game is currently developped for Windows. We have plan to make it compatible for Linux, but we can't promise anything yet: it will depends of the time and budget at our disposal.
Sep 7 2016 28 Combat @Christian Holm: Thanks! @Joseph: We're working on full digital Silver & Gold Founder Packs. Soon more news about it! @Andrew Nicholson: The starting goal is quite low for a project of this scope, and it's to secure a minimal viable product. However, we know that Construct vs Construct combat is one of the most awaited feature and as such, this will be the first stretch goal.
Sep 7 2016 29 Combat @Andrew Nicholson: We try to stay realistic, yes (even if it's less shiny and attractive that way) to have the best chances to deliver a decent game. And yes, if the Construct vs Construct comes a bit after official release, we bet it will let players build their huge spacefleet! ;)
Sep 7 2016 30 Dates @Anarckos: Thanks a lot! Our current estimation for the different phases are the following: Alpha early 2017, Beta early 2018, Official release, end of 2018 (yes still far away, indeed).
Sep 7 2016 32 Combat @Aktavian: You're right, construct vs construct is a big part, and if it doesn't make it, there will still have the "boarding opponent ship" gameplay. This will be still "Avatar vs Avatar Combat", applied to ships. But this would be the worst case scenario and hopefully, we won't have
Sep 7 2016 35 Other @Michael Lee Wells: We will try to avoid Pay-to-Win at all cost. While P2W is relatively accepted in the eastern countries, we know that this often a deal breaker for western countries (North America & Europe especially). About "fantasy" additions: You can expect the ability to build Stargates. Bionics or telekinetics however... that's another story. But who knows?
Sep 7 2016 37 DACs @Daniel Rusznyak: The DACs are tradable in-game tokens, not the monthly subscription fee. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Eve Online have equivalent items around 20€/20$ (depending the country). The monthly subscription fee for Dual Universe will be significantly lower, and even cheaper if several months are paid in a row.
Sep 7 2016 38 Other @Erik Philemonoff: Nothing is better than real live demo, we totally agree on that. However, it's difficult to be regularly at conventions, especially for an indie studio: the logistics cost is not trivial (even if it's often worth it!). We try to find the best compromise here (with Gamescom and Pax West). We have been already asked if we will be on Pax South, but we can't promise anything for now (as it will also depend of the Alpha development progress).
Sep 7 2016 39 Names @Jake Rich: Regarding Character names, as they will probably be composed of two words (to represent first name and last name), this should enable people to have the same surname while keeping a unique global name quite easily. But this topic is still in discussion. So we can't promise this will be the final decision on the subject. The game will have a standalone version. It's possible that we will have a steam version at some point, but not before beta, and this is not 100% sure yet.
Sep 7 2016 43 Cost @Ed Barnett: We can't give you a precise answer yet (the topic is still subject to discussion at the moment, but we will try to announce the price as soon as possible). All we can say is there's a high chance the monthly subscription fee won't exceed 13€/13$ (depending of the country).
Sep 7 2016 44 Dates @Stian Carlsen: Current estimations are Alpha for early 2017, Beta for early 2018 and Official release for end of 2018. No Pre-alpha access is planned outside the dev team at the moment.
Sep 8 2016 2 Other @Gorynych: We're not really for RMT for many reasons. Our official stance on this hasn't been precisely defined yet, but it's unlikely that we will officialize and/or encourage RMT.
Sep 8 2016 3


Offline (Partiesplayin: How do you intend to handle persistence when it comes to a player and his ship/s ? Will both remain in the universe when you log out or will you essentially Vanish ? Will there be a need to hide or defend one's self with shelter while they are offline ?)

@Partiesplayin: We are currently thinking of different possibilities. The first one you mentioned for spaceships is one of them for dynamic constructs (constructs able to move or be moved), and the second one you mentioned, having some automated defense mechanisms when you're offline (like a temporary invulnerability mode) for static constructs is also considered. However, this is still work in progress, and we can confirm you yet that this will be the final mechanisms for this topic.

@Partiesplayin: *we can't confirm yet.

Sep 8 2016 5 Names (Jake Rich: @Novaquark - any idea when the account / character naming convention will be announced? I want to up my backing to the Top-Tier, but I also want to have the name I want in-game.)

@Jake Rich: Not yet. But we will try to announce it as soon as possible.

Sep 8 2016 7 Languages @Conbor: At the moment, only English. But we are planning to localize the games in different other languages after the official release. The exact list isn't defined yet, but those considered at the moment are the following: German, French, Spanish, Polish and Russian.
Sep 8 2016 17 Biomes @Christopher Logan: Thanks for the support! There will definitely be desert planets to colonize (huge sandworms are not confirmed though ;))
Sep 8 2016 19 Graphics @Johan Villeneuve: We have some devs dedicated to constantly improving the graphics so we can't tell you yet how much better this will be at the official release, but it will better than now.
Sep 8 2016 23 Physics @Philux: We plan to implement Newtonian physics to a certain degree. The limits are were the physics can become more annoying than fun. So we will try to make a compromise here. HOTAS & TrackIR support are interesting ideas but we want to focus on essential gameplay features first. Once this is covered, we might add this as stretch at some point (but probably not in the first ones).
Sep 8 2016 24 Physics (Daniel Rusznyak: @Novark: "we plan to implement gameplay parameters (such as weight and thrust power) so that huge, unrefined constructs will have a hard time to be the most efficient." That sounds like just an excuse to put even more thrusters on them; I don't think simple numerics can fix the issues of unrefined constructs in empty space with Newtonian physics; any chance we might see some on-planet penalties or for FTL travel based on aerodynamics? I know this is a long-shot, but I'd be sad to see another game where the sandbox ship design boils down to boxes doing number crunching :/)

@Daniel Rusznyak: While we would love to be able to give you a precise answer on this topic right now, it's just not possible. We are still in pre-alpha and to be honest, the game design regarding this problematic is not precisely defined yet: we are still designing/developing the core gameplay features. Once this will be achieved, we will focus to solve advanced problems like the one you raised.

Sep 8 2016 26 API @Sam Canning: External API is definitely something we will look into in the future, but for the moment we are focusing on core gameplay features.
Sep 8 2016 27 Other @chris szablewski: Yes, beside natural landscape, flora and fauna, everything else will be built by players.
Sep 8 2016 28 Exploring @Alex Hobbs: Asteroids that you can dig and where you can build are among the first stretch goals planned :)
Sep 8 2016 29 Cost @krm398: We understand your opinion though we don't share it: A game that doesn't need to be online has no reason to cost over a hundred dollars. However games that have regular, structural costs like maintaining servers able to host hundreds of thousands of players at the same time, 24h/24 7d/7 have a good reason to cost more to remain viable on the long term.
Sep 8 2016 34 Physics @Renegadejibjib: - planetary gravity is already implemented in our game right now, so no need of a strech goal for this :) - Maximum speed in the game: it's still a topic of discussion in the team. we can't give you a precise speed yet. - Damage states for constructs: not sure what you mean by that. Could you develop a bit? - Weathering effects for abandoned constructs: Nothing like this is planned at the moment, but we will keep the idea for later ;) - Physics models in game: not sure what you mean by that. Could you develop a bit? - Consequences if no Construct vs Construct combat? Worst case scenario, there will still be Avatar vs Avatar combat, meaning players will still be able to board opponent spaceships to fight and maybe taking control of it. But it migh also just be delayed after official release. We will adapt with the budget raised.
Sep 8 2016 37 Expansions @Right Big Toe: Is there a plan to implement substantial additional features beyong launch? Absolutely. In fact, we have already enough ideas for additional features that would cover several years of development after release! And of course, these "expansions" are planned to be free.
Sep 8 2016 38 Combat @Brent Pennell: a ship is a Construct. As a ship can contain many Player Characters, if a ship is boarded, Combat between Player Characters can occur inside the ship. This will be "Combat from the inside" in opposition to "Construct vs Construct" that will be more "Combat from the outside".
Sep 9 2016 3 Physics @Renegadejibjib: - Explaining how the damage on Constructs will work is not something that could easily be explained in one line or two. It will be the topic of an update during the kickstarter, so stay tuned ;) - Newtonian Physics will be implemented but in a limited way, for technical reasons (physics can be quickly demanding in terms of cpu power and not very friendly with massively multiplayer interactions) and the will to keep the game fun (by implementing too much physics, it might stop to be fun to play). - Planetary gravity is already implemented in our current pre-alpha version, even for constructs: If you shut down the engines of a spaceship while being in the atmosphere of a planet, the spaceship start to fall toward the ground.
Sep 9 2016 5 Combat @Brent Pennell: To clarify, "Avatar vs Avatar Combat" means combat between Player Characters. However "Construct vs Construct Combat" means more than just "Spaceship vs Spaceship". A construct could be a Ship, but it could be also an orbital station or a planetary outpost. So "Construct vs Construct" can also be a Spaceship attaking a military base. Having "Construct vs Construct" in a stretch goal doesn't mean we don't have it for initial release, it just mean it's not in the starting goal. It's only if we dont reach the stretch goal (and it will be the first one) that the game feature will be implemented after official release.
Sep 9 2016 7 Exploring @Baraglia Jimmy: Thanks! Hyper-propulsion: yes, to go from planet to planet in the same solar system. Player-made stargates: yes, to go quickly from one solar system to another.
Sep 9 2016 12 Dates @Haakon: The first downloadable build of the game will be available when we will reach the Alpha phase in 2017. If we don't reach the starting goal at the end of the Kickstarter, nothing will be charged, all pledges will be automatically cancelled, and we will have to rely only on publishers to release the game. This might affect greatly the game features that will be implemented in game, the game vision, the dev roadmap and the release date as we will have less power leverage in the negotiations.
Sep 9 2016 14 Various @Dennis P.: 1) Character progression will be reset at least at the end of the Alpha and Closed Beta. Possibly at the Open Beta, to put everyone on the same level for official release. 2) No, natural resources won't regenerate over time, to incitate players to explore other planets, but the planets are meant to be huge and will be designed so it could take decades for hundreds of thousand people to mine a single planet to a core. There will be rare ore deposits, but essential basic ores will be available in very large quantities. 3) If there is no Construct vs Construct, players will be able to damage Constructs, or even destroy them if they're small enough. But don't expect to be able to destroy a huge Battle Cruiser with a laser pistol ;) 4) At the moment, we have 100km diameter planet, but we plan to do much bigger planets in the future.
Sep 9 2016 16 OS @Lukasz Hajnc: We would like to develop a Linux at some point. This is an ongoing topic in the team. It might be a goal in the future, but not soon, as we are focusing of developing the essential gameplay features first.
Sep 9 2016 17 Exploring @eSeCeeRre: It will be possible to travel between solar systems without stargates, but it will take way longer, and harder in terms of logistics. This is something necessary to make stargate building worth it.
Sep 9 2016 19 Combat @TheAnguished: There will be weapons wearable by characters and Combat Elements such as Turret Weapon Units. The variety will depend highly of the budget we will have. We have of course different categories in mind: Lasers, Projectile Weapons and Missiles are among the obvious ones, but we can't tell yet how many different weapons exactly there will be.
Sep 9 2016 26 Various @Joshua Johnson: We are going to start with a few primitive Alien Creatures. As time pass, we might develop this aspect. But it will be according to the budget we have and which stretch goals we have reached. Of course, once the game will be launched, If we don't reache stretch goals far enough, this might be added to the dev roadmap post-release at some point. Regarding control and domination by mega organizations, we know this is a problem in EvE but this should be less extreme in Dual Universe, due to the structure of the game. What exacerbate this kind of situation is the existence of "bottlenecks": secure areas (Npc space stations in EvE) has a unique exit point, easy to camp. It's also fairly easy to secure/control a solar system by guarding the entry/exit points under the form of stargates. In Dual Universe you won't have this kind of situation: maintaining a blocus will be way harder than in any other game of the genre if the safe zones won't have just on entry/exit point, but you can leave the 20km diameter half sphere from any side. how about digging a tunnel to exit from underground, anywhere on a half-sphere of 20km radius? That is a surface of 2500 km2 (1000 miles2). Same apply for controlling solar systems or just planets: as attacks could come from anywhere, even huge organizations will try to fortify the most interesting places than dispatching their forces to get the monopole. Unlike in EvE Online, securing a whole solar system will require far more players than in EvE Online. We may be wrong, but we highly doubt that even an organization containing thousands of players could control more a very tiny part of the galaxy, due to the reasons explained above.
Sep 9 2016 28 Other (Jake Rich: @Novaquark -  I noticed one of the current goals is an in-game mailbox. If possible, please have some kind of "read receipt" system in place so we can know if our message was ever read. World of Warcraft returns unread mail to the sender after a few days, that works well in my opinion.)

@Jake Rich: Noted! Thanks for the idea. We'll see if can insert this somewhere in the roadmap!

Sep 10 2016 1 Building @Andrew Nicholson: Probably soon ;) @jamie folds: While it will be technically possible to build a death star, don't expect any "death ray" weapon possible, for obvious game balance reasons. @Shane: Thanks! We try to stay as close as possible to our backers and more gloabally, to our community! :)
Sep 10 2016 2 Skills @Joshua Johnson: There won't be classes or predefined professions. As mentioned on the page, we are aiming for a Skill-based character progression. You will have a Skilltree, where you will specialize in different kinds of activity or knowledge over time, not by killing a specific amount of NPCs or PCs over time. We want to avoid grind where it's possible.
Sep 10 2016 3 Economy @Chris: The currency will be created by NPCs on the market that will give in-game currency if you give them raw materials they requested (let say, this will be the first "missions", meant for the maintenance of the Arkship). At some point, we might remove progressively those NPCs, or they might stop to give such missions (temporarily or definitely), to prevent too much inflation.
Sep 10 2016 4 Combat @Alex Hobbs: Yes, we are planning a bounty system, to prevent or at least discourage free playerkilling, especially on novice players. And there will Safe, large Non-PvP areas in addition, if you don't want to be bothered by PvP.
Sep 10 2016 5 Exploring @Olivier Beauchemin: We are aiming to different goals than No Man's Sky. We will have Exploration in Dual Universe, but this won't be the main focus of the game.
Sep 10 2016 12 Various @Vando: Thanks for the support! 1) About industrial automation: it should be technically possible with LUA script. 2) Yes, there will be a symmetry" tool for voxel building. It's one remaining in the pipeline with the copy/paste tool :) 3) The monthly subscription is necessary for the viability of our game on the long term, unlike many other mmos, we use cloud technology to have one single universe for the whole community, and this has a significant cost.
Sep 10 2016 14 Combat @Jaufré Devosse: Well your ship can be destroyed, but if you become friend with a player specialized in the industrial field, it might not cost much to rebuild it (it depends if you want to pilot a small ship or a battlecruiser though...)
Sep 11 2016 1 Building @christoffer wallberg: If you're refering to Voxel Building (and not crafting) then yes a Mirror/Symmetry Plane tool is planned.
Sep 11 2016 7 Various @Alex Hobbs: About how bubbles being powered: If we keep the current design (but as it is under development, it might change a lot), there might be 2 kinds of bubbles: the one is a permanent energy shield that can protect an area or a space station. This one will most likely be powered by a power source. If this bubble is damaged at a critical level or shutdown, this might trigger the second type of bubble: a temporary (24 or 48h) indestructible bubble immune to sabotage, meant to let the owner of the area react to the aggression or sabotage (because when this happens, it could be in the middle of the night, or when he/she is at work, not in front of the computer, and we don't want to worry people with attacks when they are offline). About blueprints: We might limit the powers of editing a spaceship made from a blueprint (again this is under development, so changes might happen during development). Any player who won't be the owner of the blueprint (but at least owner of the spaceship) might be able to add voxels and elements but not remove any from the original design, to prevent reverse engineering to happen too easily and too quickly.
Sep 11 2016 8 Various @Jimmi larsen: Thanks for the support! :) We are not aiming at the same goals as No Man's Sky: - Dual Universe doesn't focus on Exploration. Exploration will be possible, but there will a lot more than just that: Building, Crafting, Trading, Combat, Roleplay... - Dual Universe is meant to be played with your friend: it's a Massively Multiplayer game, and that changes everything. - There will be a few NPC Creatures, but again PVE is not the focus, at least not at the moment. Creating large PvE content is something that needs large teams. We are not trying to make a Sci-Fi version of World of Warcraft. This would be unreasonable, regarding our team and our budget.
Sep 11 2016 9 Languages @Pawel: We haven't stated that the game will be available in Polish. We stated that, after release, we will consider to translate in european languages, and Polish might be one of them. If we do, we will hire professional translators. In the meantime, we will try to support all the community projects on Dual Universe, in the limits of our capacities. We will adapt as the community evolves.
Sep 11 2016 10 Scripting @Benjamin: Unfortunately, Element customization with LUA script won't go as far as scenario scripting. The idea is interesting though, and we will keep in the corner of our head ;)
Sep 11 2016 13 Skills @Right Big Toe, @Shane: Buy/Selling Skill Points in-game is (in our opinion) pushing the thing too far. We are not convinced of the positive effects of such measure.
Sep 11 2016 14 DACs @Michael Lee Wells: What you are describing is not a problem generated by PLEX (or DACs). If DACs don't exist, this will favorize goldfarming websites emergence. It has been like that for pretty much any popular MMORPGs not using an equivalent of the PLEX system. As said in private, waging wars to the goldfarming websites is a battle that cannot be won as long as there will be a demand from players having a lot of money to spend for this goal. The player who can pay 100 PLEX to get a massive amount of in-game money would get it anyway, even if PLEX didn't exist. The difference would just be the following: he would pay a shady website instead of making other players (who can't afford a monthly sub) benefit from this. The PLEX is not at fault here. The problem is elsewhere.
Sep 11 2016 15 Combat @DocDruide: Sending a message (by e-mail or app) notifying when your territory is attacked is a nice idea. But this isn't in the roadmap at the moment. We will keep the idea for later.
Sep 11 2016 17 Other @Benjamin: Not sure exactly what you mean with the "face restrictions". Anyway Elements are meant to be created by our Art team: we want to keep a minimal control about Art direction, and Elements are something really important in this regard.
Sep 11 2016 18 Other @Johan BELLECAVE: Thanks for your support! We know creating Dual Universe won't be easy, and we are aware of the difficulties waiting ahead. But while we want to give player freedom, we will still monitor the game and check regularly that there's no major trouble.
Sep 11 2016 20 Building (Alex Hobbs: @Novaquark can we get a ship builder program or somthing similar in the game so we can build ship blueprints without having to have the parts on hand, maybe like a holodeck kinda thing going on :P)

@Alex Hobbs: It seems difficult to develop because of the following reason: you have to make a "prototype" first, you build manually a construct and once you finalize the construct, you can create a Blueprint from it. what you ask might take a lot of time to develop and it won't be soon, as we have many essential features to include in the game before this kind of tool.

Sep 12 2016 2 Building (Alex Hobbs: @Novaquark i was just trying to come up with an idea where players would be able to test out ship ideas without potentially wasting materials because id imagine there will be a small penalty for decontructing your ship if not all the better, good to know that it might be possible in the future.)

(Jesse Aguilar: @Alex Hobbs I wouldn't be surprised if the community made something for it at some point after the games release, but it would be a nice thing to have, especially for someone like me who never gets it right the first time around.)

@Alex Hobbs: We totally understand the goal behind. However, we will have to wait for all the essential features to be implemented in the game first. @Jesse Aguilar: Yes, we don't understimate the creativity of the community and it might just be developed by some very talented players, outside of the game :)

Sep 12 2016 3 Building @Giftofiluvatar: At the moment, what makes possible any construct to be identified is its Core Unit. Currently, the core unit gives an ID to the ship, but is also the Element from which you can make a blueprint of the construct, as well as managing the ownership rights of the construct.
Sep 12 2016 5 Other @Shane: Well, the "funding amount we desire" is a pretty high sum, as we would like to implement so many things! So yes, we plan to continue the funding campaign post Kickstarter, to have the best chances to remain independant. We might be approached by other investors and/or publishers, but the more we will be crowdfunded, the more we will be able to keep control of the game vision. In our stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign, we have kept cosmetic goals to the minimum. There will be some, but most of the stretch goals are gameplay related :)
Sep 12 2016 6 Scripting @Zen Master: As Neopolitan said, we will provide many scripted Elements "ready to use". LUA Scripting will be for those who like to fine tune their Elements. But it won't be mandatory to know how to script in LUA to make construct with a decent efficiency.
Sep 12 2016 7 Building @Benjamin: Multiplayer Building on the same construct: we will release a video on this before the end of the kickstarter (already a few on other topics coming very soon! :))
Sep 12 2016 10 Combat @Columbcille Anthony Dougherty: Not really possible: as mentioned a few times already, the Avatar vs Avatar Combat is a part of the starting goal, and Construct vs Construct Combat is the first stretch goal, so asking for a demo on these features right now is unrealistic.
Sep 12 2016 11 Other @Allan Smithy, @ne0s3b, Atticusfaith: All the examples mentioned in Bluedrake42 last video (the submarine game or even space engineers) are games that don't need servers hosted by a company, so it's quite easy to distribute a playable prototype. Dual Universe is a MMORPG, not a game with player-hosted servers. Permanently maintaining servers as early as in a Pre-Alpha phase is costly. In our case we need scalable cloud server technology to host the game, which is even more costly. Moreover, some of you seem to believe we have enough content to make a playable prototype, but this isn't our opinion. What we currently have is the following: The tech to make this happens, the basic tools for voxel building - some important ones are still work in progress - and some basic mechanics like pilotable constructs and planetary gravity. Most of the gameplay still need to be done. While we have no doubt that this could be enough for you guys, we fear that it would send the wrong message to most of the players who will try the game so early. And once a player has a bad opinion on a game, it's generally extremely difficult to change his mind and make him come back, even if the game has improved over time. This is an analysis coming from past experiences. So we prefer to release a playable demo once we have implemented at least a decent set of gameplay mechanics, to give the best first impression when we will open access to the Alpha.
Sep 12 2016 12 Scripting @Brent Pennell: For now, LUA scripting is not planned on server side. And even if it happens in the future, it won't be editable by players (for obvious game balance reasons).
Sep 12 2016 13 Physics @Blakjac: This "God Mode" is only for demo purpose. It won't be a final game feature, available to players (otherwise, it would make sense to develop spaceship gameplay) @Daniel Hilton: We are working hard to make planets rotating in the future. However, making them orbiting around a sun is very unlikely, even in a stretch goal as it brings a lot of issues like planets colliding with stationary ships in space, or even planet collisions if we have a realistic Newtonian dynamics. For players, it makes the business of estimating travel costs quite complex (you can’t assume a fixed distance). For these reasons, it will most likely not be implemented.
Sep 13 2016 1 Biomes @Cassandra Browning: We will start with one biome on each planet. Multiples biomes on the same planet is something quite difficult to make in a procedurally (and harmonious) way. Like multiple biomes on each planet, variable gravity for each planet might be a stretch goal. Variable gravity could part of a stretch goal for survival gameplay (hostile environments).
Sep 13 2016 2 Combat @Brandon Zurek: Thanks a lot for your support! While some mechanics will be similar (target locking and such) PvP might be quite different for PvP. There aren't NPC that act like pirates at the beginning, but that might become a stretch goal on the long term.
Sep 13 2016 5 Various @Marc Ullrich: Thans for your support! scripts are attached to Control Units, which are physical elements you can deploy in your construct (like computers, basically). You can have several Control Unit running in a construct, with one limitation: only 1 Control Unit of navigation can be active at the same time. So, there could be one person in charge of handling the CU scripts for navigation (moving the construct), while several other CU not involved with the ship physics (weapons management, or anything you fancy to script) could run in parallel, executed on various client computer. Scripting will mainly automate what players can do (with several limitation about the efficiency of actions to favor human activity, and about the frequency of server requests), so if it's multiplayer, it's multiscriptable.
Sep 13 2016 8 Cost @Renegadejibjib, @Shane: Monthly subscription fees & DACs sales will finance server upkeep, the development team and the support team. Patchs and/or expansions will be released without additional costs: You won't have to pay for these.
Sep 13 2016 9 OS @Nicolas Mongrain-Lacombe: We will support Windows. There is a chance we will support Linux (but nothing guaranteed yet at this point. It will be probably a stretch goal) There is no current plan to support Mac at the moment.
Sep 13 2016 10 Building @Matthew Chan: It's not a far-fetched idea, though our voxel building process is quite different from Space Engineers: you don't manipulate pre-defined blocs. You manipulate the form of voxels directly (which should give more creativity freedom for the builders)
Sep 13 2016 11 Scripting (ne0s3b: @NQ: Will it be possible to link multiple CUs and script this scenario: [radar|sensor]-CU send event(enemy target @xyzw) to master-CU, then master-CU dispatch something like: [evasive-manoeuver @xyzw]-function to nav-CU, [mag-shield-MAX]-function to defensive-CU, [weapon-1-fire@xyz]-funtion to weapon-CU ...)

@ne0s3b: Control Units (or CUs) won't have the role to do what you describe. However, Distributed Processing Units (DPUs) should do the trick. For more information, you can read this devblog:

Sep 13 2016 13 Building @Marc Ullrich, @ne0s3b: Guys, keep in mind these are advanced possible game features. And we are nowhere near this stage. We have Autopilot/Docking gameplay as a stretch goal, but it's not among the first ones. @Surviantoro Ilham Yudanardi: Hi, our apologies but your questions are really vague. By those, you basically ask us to describe the whole game design in every field of the game, which could take pages to answer properly. Not to mention that on several subjects, the game design is still heavily as work in progress. Could you narrow a bit the scope of your questions? @Sationix: Not sure what you mean by "increase limitations for some rewards". Could you develop a bit?
Sep 13 2016 14 Combat @Joseph: Many of the following answers are subject to changes as the game development evolves. Keep in mind all this is just "Work in Progress". - When your character die, you'll lose what your character was wearing/carrying on him. - When you build a house or ship outside of a safezone, yes, someone will be able to destroy it. However, when you build for example an outpost outside a safe zone, you will have protection measures when you're offline: when attacked your outpost will be able to enter in a temporary invulnerability mode (for 24 or 48h), to give you the time of reacting and calling your friends to help defend your base. - Yes, you will be able to build inside the safe zone. - No, no one else will be able to destroy your ship when you are in a safe zone. - how to avoid the safe zone getting littered by left over stuff from other players: we have currently several ideas, but until we've made a clear choice between them, we won't enter into details. Note: There won't be only one safe zone. It will be possible to discover other places on other planets where it will be possible to activate a Safe Zone. But we can't tell you more than that at the moment. - What happens when you dig a hole: at the moment, yes it stays forever, unless another player comes and modify the landscape or fill the hole with some materials.
Sep 13 2016 15 Economy @Maff: There will be NPCs on the market, and through them, you will be able to get in-game money, by completing missions for them (like harvesting raw material and give it to them for example).
Sep 14 2016 1 Other Hi everyone! There has been a surge of questions during the last two days, both in public comments and private messages (sometimes 10 or even 15 questions in one single message) on Kickstarter. We are amazed by the interest you are all expressing for our game. However, in this situation, we need to change the way we answer to all your questions: it has become unrealistic to answer personally to each people for each question. Especially in private messages, when many people ask similar questions, or ask questions that have already been previously answered below in the comments. This double, or even triple the workload. So we have decided to answer by two ways: - A FAQ will be released on the Kickstarter page tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 15th) gathering all questions previously answered in public or in private. - We are going to start an "Ask Me Anything" Event this Friday (Sept 16th). You can start to think about all questions that seem important to you and post them in the public comment section below, with the tag [AMA] at the beginning. We will gather all the questions until Sunday (Sept 18th) included. Then we will give the answers next week in a video, that will be part of an update.
Sep 16 2016 2 Pets @2Ben - Knight of the living weresheep: Pets will be mostly cosmetic. There will be no practical difference between lvl.3 and lvl.4, only a visual one. These pets will only have the value that players give them.
Sep 16 2016 3 Combat @Blackghost: There will be situations where you can lose your ship or your base, but the natural game design of Dual Universe will make that happen far less often than in a game like EvE (or avoid it completely if you decide to play essentially in Safe Zones).
Sep 19 2016 1 DACs @Brent Pennel: DACs are not physical items. And the AMA video this week should dissipate any fear regarding the topic of being able to steal DACs: it won't be possible.
Sep 20 2016 3 DACs @Daniel Hilton: I think a part of the previous message about the DACs have been misunderstood. But we are going to discuss this on our forum, to avoid flooding the Comments section with this hot topic.
Sep 22 2016 5 Building @Vando: Thanks for your support! The answers to your questions will be part of the AMA update. By the way, Vehicles are dynamic constructs, and Bases are static constructs.
Sep 22 2016 9 Combat @Partiesplayin: Combat will use Target Locking mechanics quite similar to EvE Online Gameplay. Not sure to understand what could be the problems you're refering to with Target Locking system in a First Person view. Could you develop a bit?
Sep 22 2016 10 Other @Krazeecain: 1) Yes, there will be a reset between Closed Beta & Open Beta. Probably one at the end of Open Beta too. 2) Additional PvE features might be added to the game later, but for now we can't tell you to which extent it will happen (if it happens).
Sep 22 2016 11 Economy @Zach: There will be virtual NPCs on the Market placing buy orders for in-game money. Players will get in-game money by selling them raw materials and maybe crafted items.
Sep 24 2016 1 Combat @Partiesplayin: Player vs Player will be also target locking. Again, we had to choose this system for technical constraints reasons: In a scalable conflict where hundreds or even thousands could join, it wouldn't be possible to handle properly action-based mechanics like in classic "First Person Shooter" games.
Sep 24 2016 5 Combat @Xender: If we don't reach the 600k stretch goal, the Construct vs Construct combat feature will be added later. And yes, this feature will allow players to fight in giant space battles.
Sep 24 2016 7 Combat @Marc Ullrich: We didn't think of explosives so far. But that could be something nice to add in the future, for Avatar vs Avatar combat (but we can't make any promise yet). The idea will be transmitted to the dev team. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!
Sep 24 2016 8 Graphics @Łukasz Hajnc: It's too soon to give you accurate information about normal graphic settings. This kind of information will be most likely available in Beta.
Sep 24 2016 9 Combat @Jason Kimmerling: Most of the combat in game will be PvP. However, some npc creatures might be hostiles, so even when you're alone on a freshly discovered planet, remaining careful might be a necessity. However, there won't be as much PvE as PvP at the beginning. It might increase later but we can't tell in which proportions.

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