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Blueprints are physical items that are created from existing owned constructs. Blueprints contain all of the details of a construct, including its shape and the resources required to build it. Through the use of a factory unit, a blueprint can be used to make new copies of the original construct that the blueprint was made from. Blueprints can be sold to players to allow for the limited or unlimited replication of a construct, depending on the type of blueprint. It may be possible to preview a 3D rendering of the construct when viewing the blueprint itself, but this has not been finalized.[1]

Blueprint Master[edit | edit source]

A Blueprint Master can be created from any construct a player is the original owner of.[1] This type of a Blueprint can be used to produce an infinite amount of Blueprint Copies, or manufacture a copy of the original construct with the necessary resources and elements.[1]

Blueprint Copy[edit | edit source]

A Blueprint Copy can only be created from a Blueprint Master with a limited number of uses so that they can be sold to other players or organizations who wish to produce their own copies of that construct.[1] This allows a player to duplicate the construct from which the blueprint was created.[1] This is the primary method for builders and designers to sell the rights to produce their constructs to another player or organization.

Updating Blueprints[edit | edit source]

It is important to remember that any changes made to a construct will not automatically update on its blueprint master or copies. Each time a construct is edited the user must create a new blueprint master for that construct, and old blueprints will continue to produce the pre-edit model of that construct.

Example: Bob builds Space Ship X and creates a blueprint master and some copies. He then shares his blueprint copies with his friends so they can produce their own copies of Space Ship X. However, the next day Bob adds an additional engine to Space Ship X to make it faster. To mass produce this design Bob will need to make a new blueprint master with a different name (Spaces Ship X2 for example). He will now have two blueprint masters, one for Space Ship X, and one for Space Ship X2. The blueprint copies he gave to his friends will still only produce Space Ship X's.

Blueprints in Alpha and Beta[edit | edit source]

Several ideas are being considered for rewarding players for designing constructs during the Alpha and Beta phases, and for bootstrapping the in-game economy.[2] On the other side of the argument is that this would create an unfair advantage for the Release Version against those who don't play in the Alpha or Beta.[2] The current idea is that the servers will be wiped at the end of both Alpha and Beta phases.[2]

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