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Emergent gameplay is one of the key aspects of Dual Universe. In Dual Universe "emergent gameplay" means that the players are given the power to create and direct the story, major events, and content of the game universe. All of the mechanics in Dual Universe are specifically designing to give the players as much freedom as possible, which produces a game world that is entirely run and managed by the players and their choices.

How it Works[edit | edit source]

For example: A player wishes to obtain rare resources so he can sell them on the market for a lot of money. First he must identify a planet, asteroid or moon that might hold that resource. This takes some skill because some rare resources can only be found in certain biomes. Then he needs to fly to the system that planet is located in, either by purchasing a ship from the market, or by building one himself. During the whole journey he is vulnerable to attack from pirates, or members of a hostile organization. Then he needs to use his scanning tool to find the desired resource, which can take a great deal of time and skill for rare types of ore. Then, using his nanoformer, he can mine what ore he finds and return to a market to sell it for a nice profit. However, in this case, the player was detected by members of a hostile faction while en-rout to the desired system. His enemies watched and waited for him to return to his ship with the valuable ore, and then they killed him so they could steal his ore and ship.

This scenario was only possible because of the may unique elements of Dual Universe's design.

- Resources can only be found in certain places, and they do not regenerate, meaning players will have to venture farther and farther over time to find rare ores.

- Virtually all of Dual Universe is a PvP zone (except for the 20km diameter Safe Zone around the Arkship)

- Player skills allow for the optimization of abilities. Not all players will be skilled at combat, and not all players will be skilled at mining.

- The political system in Dual Universe allows for completely free-form and emergent factions, organizations, and governments, which don't restrict or enforce player conflicts.

These factors, along with many others, combine to make Dual Universe one of the most player driven games ever created, with virtually unlimited possibilities for emergent gameplay. There are numerous variables that could have changed the outcome of the above scenario. The player could have taken a more covert rout to his objective, or he could have invited friends along for protection, or he could have negotiated with the rival organization for safe passage, or he could have hired mercenaries to protect him. Any and all of these options will be available in Dual Universe, along with many more that only the players themselves will think of.