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Engine Units

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Engine April2017.png

Engine units are elements that allow constructs to move through a variety of propulsion methods.

  • Hover engines allow constructs to hover in planetary atmospheres, but beyond a certain altitude their efficiency decreases rapidly[1].
  • Atmospheric engines allow constructs to fly through a planet's atmosphere, but they do not function in space.
  • Space engines allow constructs to fly in space, but they do not function in a planet's atmosphere[2].
  • Hybrid engines operate in both space and atmosphere, but less efficiently than either space or atmosphere engines.
  • Faster Than Light (FLT) engines allow constructs to travel and supra-light speeds, and are typically used for travel between planets and solar systems (see Interstellar Travel). These engines only function in space.
  • Adjusters are a special type of engine that applies limited directional thrust. These engines are primarily placed at strategic locations on a construct to increase turning rate and maneuverability.
  • Retro engines generate artificial friction to stabilize the ship [3]

All engines require fuel to operate, with space and atmosphere engines requiring different types of fuel, and therefore they will not operate unless connected to a fuel tank that contains the appropriate fuel type.

The fuel requirements for other types of engines are not known at this time.

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