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This page serves as a tabulation of the known features for each phase of development pre- and post-release.

Features List[edit | edit source]

Dev Pre-Alpha Pre-Alpha Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Beta Release
Version # ? ? ? ? ? 1.0
Release Date n/a Sep 30, 2017[1] Q1 2018[2] 2018 Q3 2018[2] Dec 2018
Backer-Level to Play[3] n/a Gold & Above Gold & Above Gold & Above Silver & Above Anyone
Single-Shared MMO C[4] C C C C C[5]
Editable Planets C[4] C C C C C[5]
Biomes L L L C[5]
Exploring C[4] C C C C C[5]
Scanning & Mining C[4] C[6] C C C C[5]
Voxel Building C[4] C[7] C[8] C C C[5]
Lua Scripting C[7] C C C C
Crafting C C C C[5]
Alien Life L C[5]
Trading C[6] C C C C[5]
Markets C[6] C C[2] C C
Territory Control C[1] C C C C[5]
Combat L C[5]
Organizations L L L C[5]
Skill-Tree L C[5]
Character Customization L C[5]
Social Tools L C[5]

R - Rumored (roughly 30% likely to be included)

L - Likely (roughly 60% likely to be included)

C - Confirmed

Expansions[edit | edit source]

First Expansion[edit | edit source]

  • (Rumored) Enhanced Combat

Later[edit | edit source]

  • (Likely) Arkification
  • (Confirmed) Stargate Technology
  • (Likely) Stealth Technology

Features Description[edit | edit source]

Feature Description
MMO Single-Shard One game universe for the whole community.
Editable Planets All player modifications on planets are saved.
Biomes Basic terrestrial biomes.
Exploring Explore Alioth (starting planet) with jetpack or hovercraft, discover new planets with spaceships
Scanning & Mining Extract Resources with your nanoformer, store it in your nanopack or containers.
Voxel Building Design & build hovercrafts, spaceships, cities, and orbital stations with voxels.
Lua Scripting The possibility to write scripts to for example control buildings, ships...
Crafting Craft gear, interactive, decorative elements.
Alien Life A few NPC creatures.
Trading Sell/buy player made creations through local markets or give/transfer interface.
Territory Control Establish your home sweet home.
Combat Avatar vs Avatar Combat
Organizations Create your own organization, meet new friends and gather the old ones.
Skill-Tree Skill-tree system for character progress.
Character Customization Customize color and logo on the character outfit.
Social Tools Chat system, friend/ignore list, in-game mailbox.
Enhanced Combat Construct vs. Construct combat.
Trading & Markets Player-to-Player trading and market units for placing sell & buy orders.
Arkification Player-made safe zones.
Stargate Technology Player-made stargates permitting quick travel to other solar systems.
Stealth Technology The ability to visual or on sensors hide dynamic constructs.

Features That Will Not Be Included[edit | edit source]

  1. Importing construct designs from external 3D tools such as 3DS Max, Blender, or Zbrush.[9]
  2. Teleporting of any kind [10]

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