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In Dual Universe, Fuel is primarily used to power elements, most notably engines, and certain constructs. Different types of elements and constructs require different types of fuel. For example, atmospheric engines cannot utilize the same types of fuel as space engines. (For more information, see the engine units page).

Furthermore, different types of elements and constructs burn fuel at different rates. More complex and advanced constructs, such as stargates, burning fuel much faster than simple constructs, such as basic ground vehicles.

Each type of fuel has an associated fuel tank element into which only the specified type of fuel can be placed. In order for a construct to use fuel it must have a fuel tank (that contains at least some of the correct fuel type) on board, and the tank must be attached to the relevant elements. During construction core units automatically attach fuel tanks to the necessary elements. Those elements will then consume fuel as they are activated, (for example, engines only use fuel when they are engaged) with different elements using fuel at different rates, as indicated by their individual statistics.

Note: Unfortunately, very few details are known about the fuel system beyond what has been presented in this article. Information such as the types of fuel, how to make it, which elements require it, and so on, have yet to be revealed by the development team. This article will be updated as more information become available to us.

List of Fuels[edit | edit source]

There are currently only 2 types of fuel : 1 for atmospheric engines and 1 for space engines.
In the future, there will be more fuel types and different fuels per each fuel types.[1]

Icon Name Type Mass Processing Time Batch Size Recipe
Kergon Icon.png Kergon Space Fuel
Nitron Icon.png Nitron Atmospheric Fuel 4 kg/l 1 minute 100L Pure Silicon 20L

Pure Carbon 20L

Pure Oxygen 40L

Pure Hydrogen 20L

Xeron Rocket Fuel

References[edit | edit source]

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