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Dual Universe will feature a robust market economy[1]. In the beginning, the economy will be jumpstarted by NPC trading. Players will enter the market and begin interacting with each other. Eventually the aim is to remove all NPC's from the market and allow for the players to run the market fully, allowing for a true simulation of economies. Two units will be utilized to create the market economy.

Market Unit[edit | edit source]

The first unit is the Market Unit. The Market unit is your physical warehouse and storefront. In Dual Universe, creating a market will require nothing more than setting up a Market Unit, a particular Element that you can craft and install in any construct of yours. The Market Unit requires an energy supply and a container to store the traded goods. It can be as small as a front door market in your little farm, where travelers can buy your local production, to an orbital station sized market where interstellar megaships are traded.

Information Unit[edit | edit source]

The second Unit is the Information Unit. The Information Unit provides the buyer or seller pricing and availability information for different products, that are advertised by various market units throughout the system. It functions like a commodities market, in that the buyer or seller can place "orders" for specific items.

buy & sell

The player also has the ability to instantaneously purchase the item at the current price.

The player also needs to be aware of the location of the market unit they purchase from. They can purchase the item from an information unit, but will need to travel to the correct market unit to receive the item, as physical objects such as items or resources cannot be transferred digitally.[1]

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