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Market Unit

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Market units are elements that allow players to buy and sell items in the game universe.

Unlike most games, Dual Universe has no built-in shop or auction house interface for buying and selling goods, and those NPC vendors that exist will be removed shortly after launch[1]. In order to buy or sell anything, a player must first set up a market unit, which will allow the owner, and other players, to list items for sale on that market unit. The owner of the market unit can also set sales, listing, or transaction taxes on all goods bought and sold through that unit. As a result, owning and running popular market locations is likely to be an extremely profitable endeavor.

Note: At launch, Dual Universe will feature NPC Market Bots that allow players to buy and sell resources. This feature is present merely to jump-start the economy and is not intended as a permanent feature.[1]

Storage[edit | edit source]

Another unique aspect of Dual Universe is that items listed on market units need to be stored in a physical location while they await sale.

Unlike virtually every other game, items on markets in Dual Universe aren't stored in an imaginary space until they are sold, at which time they appear in the inventory of the purchaser. In Dual Universe, every market unit requires a space in which to store all of the items that are listed for sale, from piles of ore and components, to whole space ships. Because of this, security and infrastructure will be a major component of establishing a safe and secure market. This mechanic is also intended to encourage the development of player made cities, as massive structures will be needed to hold all the goods for sale in an economy.

Independent Marketplaces[edit | edit source]

Also unlike other games, Dual Universe will not feature automatically interconnected global markets; like in World of Warcraft, where the auction house displays all prices for a certain item on that server; or regional markets, like in EVE Online, where the market screen displays all listings within that individual region.[1]

In Dual Universe, there is no built-in inter-connectivity between market units, each unit will only display the items that are for sale at that physical location. Players will need to construct an information unit, which can publish information about market units within a certain area, or travel to another market unit to compare prices.[1] As a result, the price of items will fluctuate wildly depending on a number of factors, such as the availability of resources, local dangers, regional demand, and so on.

References[edit | edit source]

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