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A player working with an arbitrary material
Materials are the many types of voxels that can be used by players in construction and manufacturing. Currently, all voxels can be harvested by players using the nanoformer, and placed again to create shapes and structures. However, not all voxels are considered materials.

Materials vs Resources[edit | edit source]

A voxel is considered a material if its most valuable state is when it's being used to make a physical construct. Stone, for example, is both a voxel that is found in the world, and a material that can be used to create buildings. Resources, on the other hand, are different types of voxels that can be used to build, but are more useful when used to create parts or other materials. For example, iron ore is a naturally occurring voxel resource. Although iron can be used to build with just like any other material, it is most useful as a resource because it can be used to create other materials like steel.

Creating Materials[edit | edit source]

Most materials do not occur naturally, and need to be refined from different types of ore or other resources. Each material has different properties that can make them better suited for different uses. Material mechanics can get quite in-depth; some materials will require several items and other materials produce. These materials are very high-end and valuable, often with special properties, and can be used to make advanced elements.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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