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A player working with a material

In Dual Universe, materials are the physical substances that compose the many Voxels of the game world.
Naturally occurring materials from planets and other sources are generally referred to as raw materials. They can be mined and harvested by players using the Nanoformer, and placed again to create rough shapes and structures. Refined materials, along with alloys, are created from resources and other ingredients, and can be used in build mode to create constructs.

Refined Materials and Alloys[edit | edit source]

Many materials cannot be found naturally in the world; they must be crafted from resources and other ingredients. For example, iron ore can be refined into pure iron, or mixed with coal to produce steel. These materials are used primarily to form the structure of Constructs, using the different Building Tools. They can also be used in Crafting to create Components or Elements.

Material Properties[edit | edit source]

Each material has different properties that can make them better suited for different uses. Depending on the properties of the material and the recipes they can be used for, some materials can be more suited for Building or for Crafting. For example, Iron can be used to build with just like any other material, but it is most useful as a resource for crafting because it can be used to create other materials like Steel, which is stronger.
Some will require several other rare materials or machinery to be crafted. These materials are very high-end and valuable, often with special properties, and can be used to make advanced Elements.[1]

List of Pure Materials[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Mass Crafting Components
Aluminium Pure Icon.png Aluminium Metal Aluminium Ore (1.0m3)
Bismanol Pure Icon.png Bismanol Alloy
Brass Pure Icon.png Brass Alloy
Carbonfiber Pure Icon.png Carbon Fiber
Item Unknown.png Ceramic
Cerrosafe Pure Icon.png Cerrosafe Alloy
Item Unknown.png Concrete
Copper Pure Icon.png Copper Metal Copper Ore (1.0m3)
Duralumin Pure Icon.png Duralumin Alloy
Fiberglass Pure Icon.png Fiber Glass
Fiberoptic Pure Icon.png Fiber Optic
Glass Pure Icon.png Frost Glass
Gold Pure Icon.png Gold Metal Gold Ore (1.0m3)
Graphite Pure Icon.png Graphite
Iron Pure Icon.png Iron Metal Iron Ore (1.0m3)
Lead Pure Icon.png Lead Metal
Platinium Pure Icon.png Platinium Metal
Plexiglass Pure Icon.png Plexiglass
Resin Pure Icon.png Resin
Silicon Pure Icon.png Silicon
Silumin Pure Icon.png Silumin Alloy
Steel Pure Icon.png Steel Alloy Iron Ore (1.0m3) + Coal Ore (0.2m3)
Tin Pure Icon.png Tin Metal Tin Ore (1.0m3)
Trithorium Pure Icon.png Trithorium
Wadding Pure Icon.png Wadding
Zinc Pure Icon.png Zinc Metal Zinc Ore (1.0m3)


Raw Materials[edit | edit source]

Raw materials are naturally occurring materials obtained from planets, moons and asteroids. They can be mined and harvested by players using the Mine Tool of the Nanoformer, and placed again with the Terraform Tool to create rough shapes and structures. These materials make up the vast amount of natural voxels found in the game world.

List of Raw Materials[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Forest Soil Icon.png Forest Soil
Moon Soil Icon.png Moon Soil
Rock Icon.png Rock
Sand Icon.png Sand
Snow Icon.png Snow
Soil Icon.png Soil

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