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In Dual Universe, the Nanopack is an Equipment that can be plugged on the Character Belt. The Nanopack is like a bag where the player can store Equipment, Materials and Elements.

It acts like an inventory. Based on advanced string theory applications involving extra-dimensional displacement in Calabi-Yau space, it is capable to incredibly reduce both the size and the mass of whatever is stored inside it. This technology was developed around 2440, but has since been lost; all attempts to reverse engineer Nanopacks have failed. Thus, the creation of new Nanopacks is currently impossible.

The Nanopack cannot compress what is already compressed (for example, another Nanopack).

Each Nanopack has a defined limit regarding the quantity of Mass that can be stored in it. Several models can be made through Crafting. The Player Character can use several Nanopacks at the same time if there is enough space left on his Character Belt.


Note[edit | edit source]

“Nanopack” is a temporary name for the Equipment.
It will most likely change during the game development.