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Planetary Bodies

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The universe contains many planets that players can visit, explore, mine resources from, and build constructs on. All planets are procedurally generated by the server[1], and as such their surfaces are generated randomly within predefined conditions. These guidelines often include a theme determined by various biomes (Icy, Desert, Forest, and Meadow biomes are planned, with more to be released in the future).[2] At this time only natural surface features are possible, but 3D procedural generation methods are under consideration, which could allow for the generation of natural caverns and other underground features.[3]

Planets[edit | edit source]

Each planet is dominated by a single environment, or biome, and may have one or more moons. Some planets may contain different resources than others, forcing players to explore multiple planets and moons to gather all of the materials that are required to build various types of constructs. These resources may be found on or below the surface.

All planets are made out of voxels, down to a depth of several kilometers.[3] These voxels are completely editable. They can be collected and deployed using a nanoformer, or they can be built on with other voxels from an external source.

Currently, planets do not rotate on their axis, but this feature may be added at a later date. However, planets will never orbit around their stars, for technology and gameplay reasons.

Moons[edit | edit source]

A moon is a natural satellite of a planet. While a planet is a world which orbits a star, a moon is a world which orbits a planet. Moons tend to be smaller than planets, and orbit relatively close to them. While planets can be spread out and relatively far apart, a moon always sits close to its parent planet.

The environment and resources of a moon can differ greatly from those of their parent planet, and some resources can only be found on moons.

Asteroids[edit | edit source]

An asteroid is a naturally occurring volume of voxels, similar to a planet or moon. Unlike planets and moons however, they are usually relatively small, non-spherical, and have no atmosphere.

It is possible to fly to and build on asteroids, as they are made of voxels and completely editable. Some asteroids are large enough to have their own gravity.

Known Celestial Bodies[edit | edit source]

System/Zone Name Type Class Climate Size (Diameter)

{Sun 1}
Planet Alioth.png Alioth Planet B-9 Temperate 120 km
- {Moon 1} Moon Vacuum
Planet 2.PNG {Planet 2} Planet
Planet 3.PNG {Planet 3} Planet
Planet 4.PNG {Planet 4} Planet
Planet Madis.png Madis Planet
Planet Lacobus.png Lacobus Planet
Planet Thades.png Thades Planet
Planet Symeon.png Symeon Planet
Planet Sicari.png Sicari Planet
Planet Unknow.png {Planet 10} Planet
Planet Unknow.png {Planet 11} Planet
Planet Unknow.png {Planet 12} Planet

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