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A player gathering resources
Resources in Dual Universe are naturally occurring voxels obtained from a planet, moon, or asteroid. In Dual Universe, "resources" generally refers to voxels that can be mined from a planetary body which are most valuable as an ore. Typically, resources must be refined into materials before they can be used in construction. Different resources have varying levels of rarity, which determines how difficult they are to find in the game world. Furthermore, some resources can only be found in certain places (such as in asteroids or on moons), or only in certain planetary biomes. Therefore, players wont be able to find every possible resource on a single planet.

The following table presents a rough description of how the resources rarity system works in the current state of development.

Scanning Difficulty[1]
Difficulty Level Repartition Average Size of Chunks
Visible They are visible from the ground without mining and relatively abundant in certain areas small
Abundant They are not deep underground (less then 2 or 3 meters) and relatively abundant almost everywhere small to large
Normal They can be between 5 and 150 meters deep and are relatively abundant, but still not everywhere (know your biomes) medium to large
Uncommon They are deep ( >150 meters) and not very abundant medium to large
Rare They are very deep ( >500 meters), rare and hard to find small

Ores[edit | edit source]

Ore Characteristics[2]
Ore Type Weight Volume
Aluminum Unknown Unknown
Coal Unknown Unknown
Copper Unknown Unknown
Iron Unknown Unknown
Gold Unknown Unknown
Tin Unknown Unknown
Zinc Unknown Unknown
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Refined Materials

Material Schematics[3]
Material Time Components
Steel 1s Iron Ore (1.0m3) + Coal Ore (0.2m3)

Reference[edit | edit source]

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