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Supporter's skin of the Resurrection Node
Initial Concept Art of the Resurrection Node

Resurrection Nodes are elements that players re-spawn at after they die. When a player dies in Dual Universe, they can choose to re-spawn at any resurrection node they have access to[1][2], including the one at the Arkship on Alioth, which is available to all players.

Resurrection Nodes may be built and installed by players and organizations for personal or group use, but they are a considerable investment[1]. There is currently no limit on the number of nodes each player or organization can have at the same time. When you die, you always re-spawn at the closest resurrection node available to you. You cannot choose which node you re-spawn at, to prevent people from committing suicide as a means of fast travel. Once you have used a node to re-spawn, it will go on a personal cooldown timer, and you cannot spawn at it again until the timer is up. For the purpose of Alpha testing, each player starts with a free resurrection node in their inventory, and the resurrection node in the Arkship on Alioth is always available to all players, and has no cooldown timer.

Resurrection nodes must be powered and off-cooldown or they will not be available for spawning. Different power sources will effect the cooldown time of the node, with more advanced reactors significantly reducing the cooldown time.

When you re-spawn your inventory will have randomly lost most items. There can only be one player linked to a RN node at a time.

Disclaimer: All information on this page is non-final and subject to change. This page will be updated as additional information is made available to the players.[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

Resurrection Node technology is based around quantum branching[1], which is a discovery made in the 2400s. At every moment in time, several versions of the universe exist in parallel. When a person dies, the universe they are currently in switches with another universe which is identical in every single way, except that the person who died is inside of a Resurrection Node instead of dead. As this process is energy intensive, it switches only the body of the person that died and nothing more.

While it was discovered and theorized to be able to save all of humanity, this did not end up being the case. It would involve sending billions of Resurrection Nodes to another hospitable planet and installing them. There was not enough time to do so.

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