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Scanning in Dual Universe is the process of using sensors to scan for resources within a planetary body. Resource deposits are made of voxels, and their shape, size, and location are procedurally generated within pre-defined parameters. Scanning can be specialized with a combination of technology and knowledge; certain resources can only be found in certain environments. Scanning will almost always precede mining. There are several methods of scanning, which are listed below.

Radial Scanning[edit | edit source]

Scanning - Triangulation Technique

Radial scanning allows the player to scan for a particular class of resource within a specific volume. The results will tell the player what percentage of the scanned volume contains the class of resource the player was scanning for.

Example: The player scans a spherical volume of radius 100 meters, for resources in Class B. This sphere is made up of 10% Class A, 15% Class B, 5% Class C, and 70% normal voxels. The scanning results return "15% Class B".

This operation can take a significant amount of time, and also produce imperfect results. Players can increase the accuracy of their results by either improving their scanning skills, or increasing the length of time of the scan. Once a scan is completed, the player can place down a marker signifying the location and results of that scan. Intersecting these results can help players to pinpoint the resource they are searching for.

Directional Scanning[edit | edit source]

Scanning - Directional Technique

Directional scanning is more precise and accurate (but much more confined) than radial scanning. A radial scan is cone shaped in volume, and returns the amount of the four or five most significant resources within the scan volume. The size of the scanning cone will be based upon the scanning experience level of the player.

Example: The player scans a cone which penetrates 100 meters into the surface of a planet. The results return "15kg of Resource A, 10kg of Resource B, 3kg of Resource C".

This method, while precise, covers a very insignificant area when compared to the size of planets and moons. It will not be efficient to do all scanning using the directional technique.

References[edit | edit source]

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