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Liquid Container
Storage units are elements that hold physical objects, and have a set volume which cannot be exceeded. In Dual Universe, physical commodities like items and resources can only be transferred physically, and thus storage units are required to move these commodities around the universe.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Storage units are also essential components of player marketplaces, because all items listed on a market must be stored in a physical location while they are available for sale. As a result, successful markets need large storage areas to hold the vast array of items, resources, and constructs that may be available for purchase.
Industrial units can also be attached to storage units in order to expedite the production of certain elements or constructs. Players can fill storage units with excess resources, and then order industrial units to produce copies of a certain blueprint until the storage unit runs out of resources.
Player bases will also need large storage areas to hold stockpiles of resources, items, and constructs, as the carrying capacity of individual players will be limited.