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Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Tutorial: Tool & UI Basics - October 2017

Tools in Dual Universe allow the player to perform actions in the game, from placing Elements, to Scanning, to Mining and editing Constructs. They are a part of the Avatar's Equipment and can be found on the Tool Bar at the bottom of the HUD. When used, most of the tools will consume items that can be selected in the Resource Bar at the right of the HUD.[1]

Categories[edit | edit source]

There are currently two known categories of tools:

  • Exploration Tools:
Exploration Toolbar.png
  • Building Tools:
Building Toolbar.png

Exploration Tools[edit | edit source]

Exploration Tools are primarily used to interact with and effect the game world. They allow the player to edit and analyse the voxel world, deploy specific elements, and also... kill people.

Icon Name Description
Mine Tool.png Mine Tool Used to extract and harvest voxel materials from the world.
Terraform Tool.png Terraform Tool Exact opposite of the Mine Tool, it is used to fill the world with voxel materials.
Deploy Ground Element Tool.png Deploy Ground Element Tool Used to deploy ground elements, such as Core Units, Territory Units, Light Orbs, and so on
Scanner Tool.png Scanner Tool A radial scanner that can detect resource nodes in the voxel world
Detector Tool.png Detector Tool A directional scanner that can detect resource nodes in the voxel world[2]
Refuel Tool.png Refuel Tool Used to fill fuel containers
Weapon Tool.png Weapon Allows the player to use weapons from their inventory
Information Tool.png Information Tool *The function of this tool is not yet known*
Maneuver Tool.png Maneuver Tool [3] *The function of this tool is not yet known*
Construct Tool.png Construct Tool [3] In pre-alpha, it allow the player to paste a construct from a blueprint.
Item Unknown.png Planet Smooth Tool [3] Allow the players to smooth & flatten the terrain of a planet.[4]

Building Tools[edit | edit source]

Building Tools are only available in building mode. They allow the player to edit a Construct by adding, moving, removing or editing Voxels and Elements.

Icon Name Description
Deploy Element Tool.png Deploy Element Tool Used to place or remove elements from a construct
Deploy Voxel Tool.png Deploy Voxel Tool Used to deploy or remove voxels in a variety of basic shapes (cuboid, cylinder, sphere, right-angled prism or triangular pyramid) and different sizes.
Smooth Voxel Tool.png Smooth Voxel Tool Used to edit voxels by smoothing the edges.
Area Smooth Voxel Tool.png Area Smooth Voxel Tool [3] Used to edit voxels by smoothing the edges. (What differenciate this tool from the Smooth Voxel Tool is not yet known)
Line Voxel Tool.png Line Voxel Tool Used to deploy voxels from one surface to another.
Link Elements Tool.png Link Elements Tool Used to link elements together to create interactions. For example: a button to a door, so it can open it, or a fuel tank to an engine, to provide power.
Select Voxel Tool.png Select Voxel Tool Used to select voxels by defining the edges of the selection, allowing the player to copy/paste/cut/rotate/symmetrize that voxel selection.
Replace Voxel Tool.png Replace Voxel Tool Used to select voxels and replace them with another material
Move Element Tool.png Move Element Tool Used to re-position an element while preserving its actual configuration (links, name, lua scripts...)

Yet unknown category name Tools[edit | edit source]

Currently the Repair Tool is the only known tool from an otherwise unknown family of tools

Icon Name Description
Repair Tool.png Repair Tool Used to repair damaged elements by consuming scrap materials.[5]

References[edit | edit source]

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